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Western Handbags 


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I use authentic cowhide and leather for my products. All hides will vary in texture, tones, and patterns. Shedding over time is to be expected with any cowhide item. The amount of shedding varies depending on the hide type as well as how the hide is processed. To prevent shedding of products, limit friction that would agitate the cowhide. I do not suggest putting any fixative on hide to reduce shedding, as this will most likely ruin the hide.
           STOLZ MFG INC is not responsible for item wear that is a result of customer use. This includes, but is not limited to; constant rubbing, heavy packing, misuse or harsh environmental conditions. Proper care for cowhide items will increase lifespan of product. 
           To clean your item, use a mild soap and damp cloth. Never submerge cowhide or leather product into water. Leathers will have a light coat of protectant seal, this however is not made for moist & harsh conditions. You may also lightly vacuum cowhide if needed.

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